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Technology exists to make things better for us. It furthers our understanding of the world around us and improves all aspects of our lives.


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In 1877, two important events occurred independently. A highly determined man by the name Eadwerd Muybridge created the first motion picture by taking sequential pictures of a horse galloping to prove that all four feet were off the ground. It had never been seen by the naked eye before. Meanwhile, on the other side of the US, Thomas Edison developed the phonograph which became the most popular home entertainment device of the century. Ten years later Edison charged a lab assistant with creating a visual accompaniment for it, which became the commercial basis for the entertainment industry we know now.

Revelation, in this case is the application of technology to discover and analyze information beyond the threshold of our human perception. Surprise and solution, delight and discovery.

At revealit, we believe the boundaries between science, education and entertainment are blurring. We are inspired as people by the rich history of storytelling, from the earliest cave paintings 40,000 years ago to cinematic productions that don't just envision different worlds but move us emotionally. Once touched, it's hard to forget the experience.

Our goal is to accelerate this integration by making content more consumable, more commercially viable and most importantly by making it more relevant to you as an individual in your everyday life.

We commit to valuing your privacy and minimizing intrusion to your viewing experience but those are just table stakes. We aspire to reducing the cost of consuming your favorite content, to inspire your everyday world with tangible reflections of your individuality and educate and inform with enjoyment and new experiences.

We are revealit. We hope you revel in it.

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