We design solutions that benefit our audience, our customers and our investors. Using cutting edge technology and innovative ways to create new experiences for consumers to explore, augment and discover new products and services that are relevant to them.

World-famous Hollywood filmmaker David Zucker was pleased to direct in his inimitable style an original comedy short for revealit, as a way to demonstrate revealit's exciting technology and potential commercial applications. "I look forward to working again with revealit in the near future," he said.

Content Creators

Connect with Context

As a content creator, you want to connect to your audience and monetize your content, both existing productions and new. With revealit's patent pending technology to look inside your content and discover new business models based on objects in your locations and programming context.

Content Distributors

Commercializing Freemium

Increasing views and consumption of your service are essential keys to growth. revealit can help in a couple of different ways, one is to augment the content you are currently serving as a new way to commercialize the programming without having to disrupt the viewer's enjoyment. In addition, revealit's technology can help to reduce the need for subscription fees or increase the funnel of 'freemium' users, by commercializing the content in alternate ways.


Interested Consumer Exposure

Garner new exposure of your merchandise and accelerate existing product placement by fueling interest as part of episodic programming. Connect your products to aspirational living and use revealit's technology to track your product's exposure and provide in depth ways for interested consumers to explore more about the products and your brand. All without disrupting the consumer's viewer experience with traditional advertising spots.

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